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The VCMA promotes and supports voluntary action on climate change through a vibrant and credible carbon market and voluntary abatement by individuals and organisations. We are an independent not -for -profit established in 2008.

The VCMA represents all aspects of the voluntary market including businesses, local governments, communities and government agencies taking action on climate change , and making environmental claims by purchasing carbon abatement.

We also represent providers of carbon accounting services, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and plantation offset services, and educational and training organisations developing the skilled workforce essential to the future growth of the market.

We are working to ensure the voluntary market is credible and accountable so that investment made in a low carbon future delivers real, additional abatement. Our work includes research and advocacy on the latest issues that affect our members.

The Voluntary Carbon Markets Association continues to ensure that voluntary¬† action aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions does exactly that. Governments will often co-opt and claim the action of citizens as their own thereby ensuring that environmental action by others will have no overall impact and which goes no further than the the government’s own ineffective and often politically expedient, targets. In doing so governments remove the incentive for others to employ efficient use of resources or make an effort to mitigate their own impact on the environment. The VCMA therefore lobbies for transparent accounting procedures and governmental climate change mitigation policies that are effective, transparent and meaningful.